Davinci Resolve 10 - Public Beta

Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 2.38.23 PM.png

Just a few months after revealing the latest update to its acclaimed color correction software at NAB, Blackmagic Design released the public beta of Davinci Resolve 10.  Yesterday, I had a chance to download and play around with the Lite (free) OSX version for a few hours, and I must say, it brings some welcome upgrades to an already outstanding piece of software.

Currently, the beta doesn't allow one to upgrade their Resolve 9 databases, however, exporting projects from 9 and importing them back into 10 worked like a charm.  If you don't want the installer to overwrite your current version of Resolve just rename the already installed application and run both side by side.  While I didn't experience any major bugs, keep in mind the software is still beta.  

Here's a short list of my favorite new features/improvements (a more extensive breakdown can be found on Blackmagic's website) .

  • Enhanced multi track video and audio editing and clip trimming support
  • Support for OpenFX plug-ins
  • New Gradient Power Window
  •  PowerCurve Window freehand drawing
  • Ability to Copy and Paste of Tracking Data between Power Windows
  • Side-by-side and multi clip comparison in Viewer Display
  • Timeline filters to sort the color and delivery timelines
  • Media Pool list now has a filmstrip view
  • Grade Live SDI video and save grading snapshots with metadata and stills (untested by me)

Overall, Resolve 10 looks to be another powerhouse piece of software available at an amazing value.  The Lite version will cost you a whopping $0, and has almost all the features of the fully featured version which runs $1000.  Even better... if you purchased one of the Blackmagic Cinema Cameras (old or new models), the full version is included.

Here's video demo of Resolve 10 at this year's NAB: