Copy - Cloud Storage

In another month, I'm set to lose the 20GB of Dropbox storage I was given with my phone and be forced to pay $10/month for their 100GB basic plan.  A hundred gigs seems nice, but it's more than I need and with so many cloud offerings out there, I'm not excited about a monthly fee.  Consequently, I've been on the lookout for a new cloud storage provider.

I tested Box for about a week.  It seemed like a great deal with 50GB of free storage as long as you install the mobile app.  Unfortunately, I found its folder navigation to be cumbersome and the transfer speeds quite slow.  It was especially painful transferring large files, 500+MB.  Since working with video is a major part of what I do, this one ruled it out.

Next, I tried Google Drive.  GDrive requires you to have a Gmail account, but it comes with 20GB of free storage and has integrated Google Docs for editing documents/spreadsheets.  I've used the GDocs with GDrive for several years now and have found that aspect very useful.  I ran into a major issue with GDrive, though.  Upon reorganizing my folders using the Mac-based interface app, the file permissions in the online version of GDrive completely reset, forcing me to individually reassign all my file shares.

About a week ago, I stumbled across a new cloud service called Copy, which was started by the very reputable security/IT company Barracuda.  The service offers 15GB of free storage and its app is available for Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, and iOS.  Since I actively use 4 of these operating systems, I found this feature attractive.  Additionally, Copy provides 256bit AES encryption on file transfers and data stored on its cloud servers.  Speed-wise, it doesn't seem as fast as my Dropbox account, but it runs circles around GDrive and Box.  File and folder sharing with Copy is also great, allowing you set different permissions for folders within folders and do so quickly using integrated Finder(OSX) actions.  There are a number of other cool features, like splitting storage usage for shared data.  For example, a 12GB file/folder shared across 4 other Copy users only costs each user 3GB of space.  

Copy currently has a great referral program, offering an extra 5GB for each person who signs up under your referral link while also providing that individual an extra 5GB of their own (bringing the initial signup to 20GB of free storage).  If 20GB isn't enough for you, paid services start at 250GB for $10/month, 2.5x the amount from Dropbox for the same price.  For small businesses looking for a solution, Copy offers up to 5 users for free.  I've been using the service for several days now and really enjoy it.  If you interested in checking it out, please use my referral link below.

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